Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is CLOSE. My go-to desk dictionary, Webster’s NewWorld Dictionary, which I acquired long before the end of the last century, lists over 50 definitions for close or closed, not including idiomatic expressions.

Sometimes close can mean nearby, in proximity to another object:

Two hearts, close as if one

Closer Objects

That nearness can mean a “close up” if your camera is ready:

Close-Up: Butterfly

Close-Up: Dandelion

Sometimes close means the opposite of open, as in No Entrance! No Admittance! Go Away!

Closed: Do Not Enter

No admittance!

ClosedĀ can refer to something that has been ended, usually permanently:

Stairway along WestSide Highway: Permanently Closed.

But being closed may only mean that something hasn’t opened yet:

Still closed; soon to open.

Close can refer to the end of the day:

Doors closed at the close of day

Sometimes being close matters:

Sometimes you’re close. Sometimes you’re not.

Sometimes being closeĀ means everything.

Close — the bride and her father

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18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. What a great, diverse galley of images!

  2. LOVE that last picture especially. Makes me smile.

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  7. You outdid yourself on this one… I love all your shots… pretty amazing! šŸ™‚

  8. lovely shots – can not decide which one I like the most

  9. lensaddiction

    Nice interpretation of all the possible meanings, it was a bit vague this week but you conquered that well šŸ™‚

    • Sometimes I find the ones that require a lot of interpretation to be the most fun — although they vex me for a bit until I get an idea on how to approach them.

      • lensaddiction

        Yes I understand, I have only recently started participating in the challenges, but I am enjoying it.

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