10 Ways to Become More Grateful

I came across this article several months ago and copied the link into a draft post.  Then, I forgot about it.  My Posts page is full of odds and ends like this:  unusual, or insightful, or beautiful, or funny things that I’ve run across, hit the “PRESS THIS” button, and then promptly forgotten about.

The link below, though, should not be forgotten.   I don’t know that thinking positively always will turn your life around, but I think it holds lots of potential for putting things in perspective and helping one “get a grip” on life.   Let’s face it:  life can be tough.   For some, it is tougher — unimaginably tougher — than for others.  Some people, even when surrounded by an abundance of good fortune, whine, complain, and bemoan their state of being.  Other people, faced with adversities that can seem insurmountable to some, are occasionally  able to appear as if they don’t have a care in the world.   I don’t know that thinking positively alone can help one cultivate either good-fortune or a positive attitude.

But, for one who knows that they are fortunate yet is feeling overwhelmed, or burdened, or focusing too much on the negative or what they don’t have, I can see how cultivating an attitude of gratefulness can influence one’s perspective, lighten one’s burdensome anxieties, make one more grateful for what they do have.

I think this list of 10 suggestions is a good one.  You may not chose to implement all of these suggestions — at least not at once — but they are words to remind oneself of on a regular basis.

10 Ways to Become More Grateful | Greater Good


2 responses to “10 Ways to Become More Grateful

  1. Wow, that’s amazing resource! I wasn’t aware that there were serious research about happiness and I find myself quite… well… happy about it and grateful to you!