Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Friendship.

Here is a picture of “Man’s Best Friend”:

Friendship and Loyalty

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32 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. I love this. There is nothing like the love of a pup! Great photo!

  2. Beautiful… the look says it all. 😉

    • I’d never met this dog & his owner until the day that I snapped this. Although we both walk this trail regularly, our paths don’t usually cross. Ran into her about a month ago & she said that she constantly looks at the pictures that I emailed her. I think that there is mutual admiration between dog & owner.

  3. what a handsome man he is

  4. Great idea for a friendship! And unconditional love too!

  5. So beautiful and attentive!

  6. Can’t beat that for friendship and loyalty. You are right!

  7. best loyal friend

  8. Just look at that devotion!!!

  9. What a lovely photo, I had a similar thought for my entry!

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  11. no better friend than the hairy one

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  13. Awww the best kind of friend! You can see the love in his/her (?) eyes.