Cats and (humming) birds and the sun

Just a quick post before the end of the day, with a few more pictures of hummingbirds. I didn’t use the tripod this time, so the camera was a bit further from the feeder. While the shots weren’t as good, I wasn’t frightening the birds with the sound of the shutter.

Early bird gets the sugar water!

Hovering, Humming

These probably would have been better if I had taken them about a 1/2 hour later when the sun was a little higher, the shadows a little less shadow-y.

Morning Sun, Rising Through the Trees

From my house, I don’t have a good view of the sunset this time of year, and I didn’t plan to go somewhere to see the transit of venus this evening. The sun was obscured by clouds until about 8. I wasn’t expecting to capture Venus in these shots. I wasn’t wrong! Doesn’t look much different than morning shot, except for different trees.

Evening Sun

While I was shooting, the neighbor’s cat came for a visit and a petting. And, of course, a bit of milk. The way he tried it though, you’d think that he didn’t trust me.

Come on in, the milk is fresh!

Taste Test


3 responses to “Cats and (humming) birds and the sun

  1. Sigh. I want to go to where you are (that is sort of a Liz Lemon from 30 rock bit for what it is worth). I looovvve our house and Pittsburgh but I am getting the jones to move back to Michigan and closer to nature…a few more years at least before that happens, though! Living vicariously through your photos helps 🙂

    • Having made a few business trips to Pittsburgh, I can say that I think the only two things that you have that Indy doesn’t is the best Italian Wedding Soup I’ve ever had — and the Steelers. But there are lots of places where the landscape is much prettier than the midwest — or at least central Indiana. Take that sweet baby girl and your husband and go for a walk in the woods somewhere this weekend. You probably wouldn’t even need to drive more than an hour! And I bet you could attract hummingbirds to your backyard. Easy to set up a feeder. I don’t plant any particular flowers because we have so many trees, but there are lots that will attract hummingbirds that are easy to care for!
      Oh — and I adjacent to a really busy street. The traffic sounds drive me nuts when I want to have the windows open. It only looks like we live in the middle of nowhere! I’m actually just outside the “old” (pre-68) city limits and well within the congestion of the city!