Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme is Today. The rules are a little different: the photo must be something taken today. Today — the actual day, not the theme — is a rather boring.  It’s a workhorse sort of day for me.

May be the only “thank you” for the laundry

The task that I dislike the most when doing the laundry is checking pockets for things that shouldn’t be washed. (Or warshed as some in my part of the country say — but that’s a different post.) I’m only partially glad that I didn’t forego this task today, or else I would have a very clean phone. I wonder if it would have smelled like fabric softener too? I need to get a new one and I’m sure a wash-rinse-spin cycle would have hastened the inevitable upcoming trip to the phone store.

But I don’t mind doing the laundry. It sounds like a rather odd thing for a 21st century feminist to say, but I’ve realized this year that I like doing the laundry for my family. It’s a chore, sure, and a necessary one, but who doesn’t like to have clean, fresh-smelling cloths. I don’t mind doing it and as I fold the cleaned laundry, I think of my loved ones and the blessings we have.  Since I started viewing doing the laundry as a small mitzvah for those I love, I mind doing it less each week.

As I’m doing the laundry (in between internet work procrastination), I’m continuing my work on the Relictronic Room. It doesn’t seem like a mitzvah, just a chore.  I could whine about it, but more likely I’ll just sneeze.

Today isn’t much unlike yesterday in terms of the weather. It’s cold and gray and not at all like one would expect for the first day of June. Below is only a marginally more interesting photo taken yesterday.  The skies today are similar,  but I’m playing by the rules.  Consider this an extra — and one that  missed the mark on capturing the unusual cloud formations before a storm hit.   But, I was successful in getting my passengers to the airport in plenty of time for their flight.

Get me to the airport on time, please — before the rainstorm.

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23 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

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  5. Even the mundane tasks can be fodder for posts! Love it!

  6. Northern Narratives

    I admit that I enjoy doing the laundry.

    • I suppose I should have written that I don’t mind it when I do it regularly. When there is a mountain of laundry to be done, like after returning from vacation, it’s rather daunting and burdensome.

  7. good choice for Today shot! I don’t mind laundry so much..

  8. So funny, I really enjoy laundry too but HATE checking the pockets!! I don’t think it’s a laziness thing, I think I don’t like sticking my hand in grimy feeling pants pockets. Okay maybe they are just grimy in my imagination, but STILL!

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  12. Doing laundry is a hard thing yes. I need some time to gather my energy and mood just to start that. Good interpretation, very today..
    The second picture is gorgeous, love it (even though it was yesterday).

  13. I’m like you and don’t mind doing laundry at all. Even the ironing isn’t a chore. I really missed ironing my son’s smart shirts after he’d got his own place. 😉

    • Years ago, someone told me that he considered ironing his own private sort of prayer & meditation. I think about that sometimes when I am ironing. Although I don’t find it meditative, it is sometimes a time when I reflect on things.

  14. I speak from experience – at least from the experience of my oldest child – that cell phones do not like going through the washer and dryer.

    • I know this too from experience. One drowned in a rainstorm; another phone took a shower with me (I don’t think I’ll divulge the details of how that happened!) Years ago, being responsible for purchase & repair of employee pagers, electronic devices don’t like toilets either — and tech support people don’t like being handed them after that has happened!