Weekly Photo Challenge: Summertime

Summer: hot, light, fireflies, butterflies, flowers, heat, sun, tans, flipflops, bathing suits, swimming pools, beaches, family, friends, a cool beer, barbecues, fun. Just a few of the things that come mind when I hear the word summer. It all means one thing: RELAX!

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This is part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Today’s challenge prompt: summer. Be sure to click on the link to see others who are participating.

Enjoy the summer!

56 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summertime

  1. Yes, me too! I would love an umbrella like that! Isn’t it lovely!

  2. I love this. Great interpretation, and such a cute umbrella, if I may say so myself πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve never seen such vibrant colours of an umbrella. It looks like summer accessories can be used as a fashion statement too!

    • Given all the comments, I wonder now, months after taking this picture, who owned this and why it was left unattended on the beach! Were its owners as colorful? Why did they leave their bag there under the chair? Were they looking for shells? Had they just run back into the hotel to get a cool drink? Were they cooling off in the surf?

      • I’m wondering what the distinction is between an umbrella and a parasol. I’ve heard most people call it a parasol. Perhaps I’m confused? Could you enlighten me?

        Whatever it is, I’ve never seen a gorgeous one like this!

        • When I was a child, I remember my great aunt referring to a parasol as an umbrella that one used in the sun. But, in the area of the US where I live, I can’t remember hearing this word in use at all. (My great aunt, like my mother, was from the east coast). A “parasol” was sometimes used to refer to something frilly and pretty and more for style than for utility, but I don’t think it is even used in this context any more. Could be one of those differences between British English and American English. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a “beach umbrella” as anything other than an umbrella, though, a parasol being more of a handheld item.

          • That’s culturally interesting. Thank you.

            I heard people say ‘parasol’ more often here in the UK, especially by the beach. I’m a foreigner, so I’m just trying to make sense of it, and hopefully I don’t make a mistake when using the terms. It sounds like both terms perhaps are interchangeable.

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  6. Love the image…but now i want one of those umbrellas

  7. Coffee time with Claudia

    Nice umbrella heh? πŸ™‚

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  9. What a cool umbrella and what a beautiful picture.

  10. The most beautiful umbrella that I’d ever seen. Beautiful photo. A perfect Summer opening!

    • Thank you Island. It’s unusually hot in my part of the world today — this umbrella would be great here (though, no beach!) for the start of summer weekend.

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  13. Heaven, that umbrella is a burst of summer joy. I just set a new travel theme challenge, Anne http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/05/25/street-markets/ I’d love you to join in, if you have the time! Pass it on, everyone’s welcome πŸ™‚ xxx Ailsa

    • What a great theme, Ailsa! I just spent a few minutes looking through my pics and can’t find one that meets the theme! I go to a farmers’ market nearly every weekend — but I usually am loaded down with produce & don’t take any pics! Shame on me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll snap a few. πŸ™‚

      • Hurrah! Hope to see some farmers’ market pics from you shortly. I love farmers’ markets and always end up buying stuff I’ve never heard of before, it’s like one fantastic foodie adventure!

        • My market food find so far this season has been Lambs Quarters — a nice herby leafy green, that paired well with …. I don’t remember what I served it with, just that I liked it! πŸ™‚

          • Ooh, I know it – rosette shaped and goes by names like lamb’s lettuce and the rather posh mΓ’che – in Germany they call it Rapunzel which I think is wonderful! I actually did a ‘foraging for wild food’ trip through Central Park last year, it was sooo much fun, and that was one of the wild foods we found, growing, appropriately, all over the Sheep’s Meadow!!!

            • Rapunzel! Makes me smile, just like it growing in the Sheep’s Meadow. I’ve always heard that the foraging tour is fun.. The one place in NYC that I haven’t spent hardly any time is in Central Park – only quick trips thru by taxi or bus. Some thing I need to address next time I’m there.
              I thought I had pics of market at Union Sq, but couldn’t find. 😦 Maybe my own local place tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

  14. I’d like to be sitting in that chair with my kindle…

    • It is inviting, isn’t it! When I need to relax, or if I’m having difficulties falling asleep, I imagine myself on this particular beach, though I usually am under a palm tree, not an umbrella.

  15. Beautiful, very beautiful… Love all aspect of it…

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  18. A perfect summer image!

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  20. Northern Narratives

    The umbrella is great.

    • Isn’t it pretty? It wasn’t mine, but I thought it was very nice. I might have let it’s beauty persuade me to buy it if I had seen it in the store! It just seems perfect on a sunny beach!

  21. Summery umbrella πŸ™‚

    • I’m always one for the shade, so umbrellas, porches, tree shade are always where you’d be likely to find me in the hot summer sun! (Or I’d be red as a lobster w sunburn!)

  22. mmmmm, like that….

  23. Now you have me longing for summer!

  24. Love the vibrat colours πŸ™‚