The Trail of Life

Should not contain signs like this:

It’s only a warning

Impassable is not equal to Impossible.


7 responses to “The Trail of Life

  1. I love things like this. It challenges me to push on and see what’s there. Recently I went on a drive with a photographer friend of mine. We got on state route 666 (yes that is the right number) and immediately there was a road construction sign that read, “ROAD MAY BE CLOSED AHEAD – 9 miles. FOLLOW DETOUR” Of course I kept driving. About every 2 miles we saw more signs counting down the miles where the road may be closed. By time we got there we found that it was not closed it was under construction, down to one lane, and a little rough but it definitely was not closed. The feeling I had was a mixture of “there I did it” and “that was a bit of a letdown” or disappointment that the road wasn’t closed at all. It all went to embolden me for the next time I see such signs. Warnings can be challenges that make us stronger and wiser, not directives that take away our freedom. Well those are my thoughts. Peace my friend. Thanks for your thought provoking post. 🙂

    • Just that it was Rte 666 cracks me up. And did you take pictures of them paving the road -with asphalt, not good intentions? :-). This sign is in the Art Park at the Indianapolis Museum if Art and is meant to be informational, not art, not ironic. There are times when the river is too high and you cannot walk around the lake. I really like this sign, though. I’d love to put up some other signs around the lake. Maybe just virtual ones!

  2. I like the ‘may be’, it admits ignorance. To some people it may be smooth and easy.

  3. That’s why it is “May be” 🙂