When we bought our house, we knew that we’d have some work to do with leaves in the fall, but we thought it would be wonderful to not have a lawn to mow. People often say to me that we are lucky that we don’t have to spend a few hours each week doing yard work. I just smile. I know better now. Trees give you something to pick up most of the year — including downed limbs after winter storms.

Right now, it is time for the poplars, tulips and hickories to drop catkins. The word catkins supposedly comes from the Dutch word for kitten. As far as I can see, the commonality is that both catkins and kittens make me sneeze! The fuzzy little things — catkins, not kittens — have been falling along my drive and being tracked into my house for a few weeks. They form a soft green carpet along the driveway, with a fine yellow-green dust that is stirred up by brooms and blowers.

Which is not to say that they don’t make a fine subject for the macro lens:


3 responses to “A-a-a–ACHOO!

  1. So that’s what they’re called. I never knew! All I knew is that whatever car was parked in the driveway would turn green this time of year. 🙂 As for me — I’m allergic to my cat, too. Zyrtec works wonders. Happy Spring!