Spotted this on my walk along the creek the other day. This plant was nearly as tall as I was — and I almost fell into the creek trying to get the right angle by stepping on a steep bank. Totally worth it as both my camera and I stayed dry!

5 responses to “Thistles

  1. These are so pretty and what fun catching them in these sunny poses!

  2. Lovely pictures and I enjoyed your description of the difficulties of getting them.

  3. I love this flower!!!!! Have you seen the red ones? They are beautiful!!!!

  4. I love thistles. Next the the dandelion – this is another of my favorite flowers. This is one plant I don’t mind being pricked by. Great shots. And nice that you didn’t fall in. If i’d been walking there I would have definitely gotten wet – at least that’s the historical pattern of my life. 🙂

    • I was lucky that I set my camera down before I started to climb down & lost my footing. It was a dumb thing to do as I didn’t expect to slide, nor did I realize that nobody could see me from the road until I stopped just short of the water. Had a good laugh about it and was glad that I could crawl back up the bank without having to go wading! Have been nursing a sore Achilles tendon so this was not the smartest move I’ve made this week! But, anything for my craft! hehehe