A different blue: Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue (Part 2)

Some languages, for example Vietnamese or Thai, do not have different words for the basic colors blue and green. Other languages have distinct words for light and dark blue, just as English and other languages distinguish between red and pink. In Russian синий (sinij) is dark blue, and голубой (goluboj) is light blue. In Greek, μπλε (ble) is light blue and γαλάζιο (galazio) dark blue. In Italian, azzurro is light blue and blu is dark blue. (See here and here and elsewhere.) A native English speaker, I know only one word — see only one basic color, though many shades — to encompass the basic color blue.

I found this piece of a robin’s shell on the driveway yesterday. Regardless of whether you think this is the same color as the blue in the flowers in yesterday’s post, I hope we can agree on another word: beautiful.

11 responses to “A different blue: Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue (Part 2)

  1. What beautiful color. Great find!

  2. I don’t think there is any color quite like robin’s egg blue. How lucky to find one! Here’s my blue: http://wp.me/p1TywS-su


    • Finding robins’ eggs has always been one of those wonderful surprises of Spring for me, though it’s much more fun to find a nest than a broken egg on the drive. Loved your “Blue” entry. Thanks for posting the link.

  3. I love finding eggshells! They’re so beautiful and delicate 🙂 great choice!

    • I was amazed at how light this was, almost like air. I was surprised that the white lining seemed sturdier than the outer shell. It is beautiful!

  4. What a gorgeous turquoise!

    • I wish I had found this in a nest, rather than the driveway, but I never would have seen it if that gorgeous blue didn’t stand out in the middle of the asphalt!