Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

My favorite color! A collection of blue hues, for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Blue

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  2. Anne, these are such beautiful blues, each of them within a different context but all so special!

  3. Northern Narratives

    I like the blue windows, They are unique.

    • As I looked at the photograph yesterday, I wondered why these windows were blue and what was the material — paint? some sort of cardboard? wood? I think I’ll need to go back to this building again and take closer notice of the entire building, which I think is vacant.

      • Just the little that shows in your photograph looks intriguing, bet there’s a really interesting history there. Let me know what you discover, Anne. xxx

  4. These blues are wonderful shades of blue. Your macro on the iris and that tiny flower is awesome. 🙂

  5. Some nice entries for this week’s challenge.

  6. And what a blue – what do you call it? Gentian Violet Blue, Robin Blue, Blue Bag Blue – that’s my favourite blue:)

  7. Gorgeous colours.

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  9. Very rich blues, I love the iris and the windows particularly! xxx Ailsa

    • I was surprised when I found the windows in my archive. I remember snapping shots of the old building, but I didn’t remember the windows. I took in the same day and in a close location to the grid-like structure, which was actually a guardrail on a stair.

  10. these are lovely Anne – what is the first one…I love it

  11. Those are some blues!

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