Strawberry Fields (Not Forever)

I was trimming weeds in the drainage ditch along side the road this afternoon. As the cutting threads whirled, I wondered what the green leaves were. They looked vaguely familiar. Just as I was getting to the end of the extension cord, I spotted a bit of red. Wild strawberries! There were only 3 that still had berries on them. I’m sure that there had been some tasty treats for the birds the last few days. By the time I got to the house and had grabbed my camera, I had lost 2 of the berries, but there was still something to shoot!


6 responses to “Strawberry Fields (Not Forever)

  1. Smithereens, I’ve discovered that this little berry is also called Indian or mock or false strawberry. Great close-ups Anne!

  2. Is that really strawberry? Wild strawberries don’t look that way here, well, as far as I remember (it’s been years).

    • I’ve been wondering about that since I read your comment the other day. They seemed like strawberries to me, although very different from the ones that I’ve bought at the supermarket OR the farmers’ markets.

  3. nice berry macro.