Water is beautiful. I find it calming to be near water, whether it is a creek, a river, or an ocean.

Water is a necessary resource but many people around the world don’t have ready access to a clean supply of water for daily health and hygiene. Enjoy the tranquil water photos below, but be sure to learn more about the issue of water security around the globe. Check out this site, Water Day, or this one on the UN World Water Day.

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6 responses to “Water

  1. I especially like the winter morning. Nice work on all. Looks like a fun challenge. And thanks for dropping by my blog.


    • Thanks for your comment, Anne. The spot where I took the Winter Morning shot is barely accessible during most of the year because of brush. It was such a magical place to sit on a log and watch birds or the sun rise in Feb & March.

  2. There is definitely something about water. I find myself frequently walking along the riverside and streams secreted through the parks.

    • I do too. There is a creek not far from my house (featured in many of my shots) where I have found a few hard to get to places off the trail. Sure I have to stomp through some tangled vines, some with thorns, and be sure to watch out for poison ivy (which I’ve had 2x this year already!), but I have my own little secluded spot where I love to sit by the water and contemplate things. On the opposite side is a private golf club. The groundskeeper has seen me there a few times. I think he thinks I am either trying to sneak onto his course or that I am a very odd person. I’d gladly say that many think one of those is true. And I haven’t tried to play golf in years!

  3. 100% in agreement with your first sentence! Beautiful photos Anne!