Fantasia on a Water Fall

Abstract photo. I envision some additional pieces for this work.

Fantasia: Water Fall

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7 responses to “Fantasia on a Water Fall

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  2. What a beautiful photograph. The water looks as though it is moving.

    • It was! 🙂 Original photograph, before post-processing manipulation was of water from a water feature, water falling from about 10 feet over various stone blocks. I’ll post a “before” picture later.

  3. BRAVO Anne!!!! You know I love abstracts. This is wonderful. Great title. I could look at this for hours. Nicely done. Have a great weekend.

    • I thought of you as I was shooting this. Really cool designs on the concrete of this waterfall. If you’re ever in Indianapolis, go to the USS Indianapolis Memorial (a worthy visit in it’s own right) and then walk north along the canal to the end (2 or 3 blocks).

      There is a cafe above this that I’ve been to many times. While I’ve been aware that it was there, I haven’t been down in front of it for many years. I had fun playing with this photo, but I’m not done yet — lots of other photos. The combo of concrete, water, rust, and light offers so many possibilities!

      Lots of other interesting visuals along the canal too, including several murals that were done as part of the 46 for XLVI, a public arts project done as part of Indy’s Super Bowl festivities. I’ll do a post on 46 for XLVI at some point in the future.