B is for ….

When I decided to browse through my photo archive to see if I could build a theme around the letter B, the difficulty was not in finding suitable shots, but in deciding which ones to use.

Why? Because some of my favorite subjects, apparently, begin with the letter B.

To start with, there is my favorite color, blue.

I might be inspired to take a picture of trees against a blue sky:

Blue Sky With Tree and Clouds

Or of contrails and clouds:

Blue Sky, Clouds and Contrails

Blue flowers always capture my attention, even if it isn’t everyone’s idea of a flower:

Blue: A weed is a flower where you don't want it to be

I have a collection of art glass, much of it blue:

Blue Where It Should Be

But glass on a sidewalk can be interesting too:

Abstract: Blue Glass Weeds

Or when it decorates a tree:

Blue Flag Tree

I also like beaches and always have my camera with me when I’m there:

Beach at Sunset

Bike Rider on Sunset Beach

And what is a beach without birds?


Oyster Catcher

Great Blue Heron



Black Skimmer

Snowy Egret

Egret Shrimper

Even a bird on a park bench will capture my attention:

Bird Resting

With my macro lens, I capture bugs:

Ant and Some Sort of Soon to be Short-lived Bug

I heard a fly buzz

…and butterflies

Butterfly Blue Sky

Zebra Butterfly

Like a China Pattern

And, of course, buds and blooms:

Tree buds, seeding the porch

Blue Bell Blooms

Blue Bells Bisous

Fallen Blooms

Not to mention bouquets:

Bouquet: Wild and Tamed Flowers

Spring Bouquet

Yellow Bouquet

Sometimes I shoot larger things, like bridges…

Blue Sky, Bridge

…at unusual angles

High Water Marker, Under the Bridge

Sometimes I just grab my camera and shoot something ordinary in the house, like bananas:

Bananas, Board, Brown Spots

I could keep going for a long time, but there are 24 more letters….


12 responses to “B is for ….

  1. I’ve thought about doing this… great idea and I love all the pictures!

  2. Thanks,Katie. Glad you liked them.

  3. Love your B post! The pictures are great.

  4. B’s are very nature-full, aren’t they?! Love the pictures. Thanks.
    Good luck with the Challenge.

  5. These are great photos!

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

    • Thanks, Karen. And thank you for hosting the Challenge. I think it will continue to be fun — and challenging! It is deceptively simple yet coming up with a post each day that fits “to a ‘T'” so to speak can be very difficult. Just like writing in general, you need to mine what’s in the gray matter to come up with something fitting the particular day!

  6. Nice theme, beautiful pics.

  7. like it very much!!!