Sunday Quote (2012 Week 14)

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” ~ Amelia Earhart

“Adventure is worthwhile.” ~ Aristotle

A is for Adventure.

April 1st marks the beginning of the Blogging  A to Z Challenge, which I am participating in.   While Blogging A – Z seems pretty simple, you can find out more about it here.   Each day, a different letter.  Some days, I’ll write about a particular topic beginning with the letter of the day. Other days, I may only post a photograph, but it will be in keeping with the letter of the day. And, since April is National Poetry Month, I won’t let that go by unnoticed. Expect a poem or two, appearing in an appropriate alphabetic order. After today, Sundays are excluded (but you’ll likely still find a Sunday Quote at Four Deer Oak).

Since this is the grand kickoff, of course my quotation has to fit the category. And, it seems so: adventure! But, who is credited with these two quotes?  Hint:  Both have at least one name that begins with an A.  Both are famous.  One lived in the 20th century, the other some time before that. There could be other clues on this page. (You didn’t think I would give you an easy clue did you? Heck, you could just google it.)

And how many other words beginning with ‘A’, besides “adventure”, can you think of related to this post?

A discovery

Was this the cause of a disaster?

Or was the cause something else?

Be sure to check out other bloggers participating in Blogging from A to Z. Happy April.

My favorite April Fools’ Joke: A memorandum circulated from a grand pooh-bah, on Monday, March 30th. It read in total:

“Wednesday has been cancelled”

4 responses to “Sunday Quote (2012 Week 14)

  1. Fun post–the quotes sounded a bit like Bilbo Baggins to me but as he’s a B, I guess I’m wrong. Never was good at puzzles but love being entertained. Shall be back to see what else you’ll pull out of the hat for the A to Z Challenge. 🙂

    • Bilbo did like an adventure, didn’t he? So did Amelia Earhart (1st quote) and Aristotle (2nd quote). Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Cool discovery. Here in Akron it’s actually a beautiful day to go fly a kite. But I guess this plane will do instead. Happy March 32nd!!!


    • Happy 32nd to you too Terry. I found this plane just under one of my bedroom windows. Seeing how my boy now flies (and designs) real aircraft, not toy balsa wood planes, I don’t know where this came from. I suspect from two young boys I scared last summer as I drove up the driveway. They tried running into the woods and were quickly stuck in some briars. Boy, were they ever scared! I told them that as long as their moms knew where exactly they were playing, it was okay, but I didn’t want to see them running in the woods again in bare feet because they might get hurt! They took off so fast. That story probably has morphed into one about some mean old lady who lives on the hill. They didn’t have their stories correct either. The smarter (?) one gave me a fake name. His buddy said “who’s that?” I would have given them their plane back if I had known it was there. I was that kid, too, once upon a time!