Under the dogwood

I spent the early evening taking pictures of blooming trees and plants in my sister’s garden, then returned home to put together a slide show.   Tulips, hyacinths, violets, phlox, lilacs, dogwoods, blooming fruit trees:  all were beautiful in that gorgeous light just before dusk.

This was my favorite picture from this adventure.  I was lying on my back in the grass that was quickly becoming dew-covered, looking up through the branches of a very young dogwood.  One could find  a lot technically wrong with this picture, but I love the feel of it.

Under the dogwood: dew covered grass below graying skies.


5 responses to “Under the dogwood

  1. The lighting is incredible. With the lighting these fragile flowers have almost a metallic feel to them. REally well done.

    • Thanks, Terry. I didn’t like it when I first shot it because I thought the lighting was wrong. Actually, it just wasn’t what I had anticipated at first and later decided it was pretty cool. It adjusted the saturation downward a bit to give it more of that metallic look, but still kept some color as I didn’t like it at all as B & W.

      • One of the things that I like shooting just before or just after sunset is that the light changes so quickly, giving you so many different — and sometimes unexpected — results. I didn’t realize how light the sky still was, but it was just right for the silhouetted look.

  2. I like this very much! The contrasts are lovely.