A Little Rain Must Fall

This week’s Photo Friday challenge is “RAIN”. “How appropriate!” I thought as I read the prompt yesterday morning during a torrential downpour. But, rain is not that easy to capture. Most of the shots that I took throughout the day were rather bland. Many didn’t even look like rain. When the rain stopped, I went outside with my camera to capture the aftereffects. Those shots, too, while perhaps a bit better in terms of exposure, didn’t seem to capture much. Many, while nice looking shots, seemed rather cliché. And, that, was the lesson of the day: sometimes the best photograph is one that suggests something, that portrays a subject or theme in a different light. When trying to document the immediate thing, the photographer ends up with the expected, capturing only that which is neither creative nor enticing to the viewer.

I thought about how the rain makes me feel. When I was a child, I loved to look out the window during downpours to observe the raindrops dancing on the street. If there was a slight wind, the drops would appear to skate along the asphalt, looking like jacks spinning around. Or, they looked like ballerinas, the sprays of water as they hit the ground their tutus fluttering during a pirouette.

A conversation overheard years ago, one adult to another: You mean you think the rain has a smell too? Rain on the grass; rain on window screens; rain on dirt; rain on the highway: it isn’t just one smell. The smell just before the rain begins, when the birds start chirping a different, more frantic song. The rain afterwards when the birds return and the flowers shake off the droplets.

During this early Spring, the rain brings a color too. The cloudy gray skies can’t mask the green of the rapidly unfurling leaves springing forth from the early buds. My immediate world seemed far more green and growing after the rains yesterday, even though it washed many petals off of the trees.

Here are some of my shots from yesterday, none of which I consider evocative; just merely adequate for expressing “Rain”.

During the rain:

Battered plants: yesterday eager to be outdoors, later wishing to be sheltered.

Viburnum bud on patio

Petals on a wet black bough

Rain drops slowly off tree trunk out my window

Rain dance on driveway

Weathering the storm

And after the rain:

Rain drops slowly from the leaves


Bedraggled daffodils

Narcissus bowing his head, but no reflection

Weighed down by water

8 responses to “A Little Rain Must Fall

  1. Gorgeous…all of it.

  2. These lovely shots have such a refreshed feel to them because of the rain, and, how wonderful for you to have this outside your window!

    • Thanks, Patti. I feel very lucky to have such a marvelous little piece of earth to be responsible for. But, you are lucky you live in NYC! It is one of my favorite places to visit. I spent most of one summer working in Hoboken a few years ago and stayed in the city most of the time. Not sure that I could live there for long, but I’d be willing to try if I had the right opportunity!

  3. They are all absolutely beautiful! Lovely prose as well!

  4. mobius faith

    So well written. I love the rain. I love going out in the rain. It’s one of things where I look outside and say, “Do I want to go out in this?” but then when I’m actually out in it – it becomes the most enjoyable and revealing experience. I love your description of water droplets, “like jacks spinning around.” and like ballerinas in tutus. Excellent prose.

    • Thanks, Mobius. I love to sit and watch the rain — and enjoy the smell of it — on a screened in porch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screened porch at my present home. Not so crazy about getting wet in the rain, though.