Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Recently, I’ve been captivated by reflections, whether it is an actual reflection in a pool of water. the way the light shimmers reflectively through a window, or a more metaphoric reflection, one of reflecting on life and the world around me.

Here is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, an unusual view of a bridge, with an unusual reflection as well.

Unusual View: Under the Bridge

52 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

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  2. great image, at first it took me a minute to see what it was! Love reflections as well!!

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  7. jakesprinter

    Great entry for this week topic 🙂

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  9. Great perspective of an otherwise ordinary view. Thanks for sharing a lovely angle. Love your photography!

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  11. I agree with sinpolaris: very Escher-esque! I love the way the reflection “fills in” between the real studs.

  12. mobius faith

    A real winner here. Makes me think of Andy Goldsworthy for some reason.

    • Thanks, Mobius. I take that as a HUGE compliment. I really like Andy Goldsworthy’s work, although I didn’t know about him until last Fall. I think the photos on this post: http://wp.me/p1tzBV-vR are highly influenced by what I’ve seen of Goldsworthy’s work. I love how he takes things in nature and arranges them into something else as beautiful as the pieces that comprises the work. Makes you see the individual parts as well as the whole.

  13. I like all photographs that have reflexes. Some are hard to spot and some are not good. Yours is just terrific!

  14. Terrific view of the bridge. Thanks for “liking” my blog today. I look forward to following yours.

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  17. I had to look for a while to understand – two pools of water.

    • Yes, two streams of water under the bridge. Often times, at this time of the year, the path where I was standing would be underwater too — one big continuous stream. The creek is really low right now because we’ve had such a mild winter w/ no snow melt.

  18. great reflection here

  19. Those reflections are so crisp and clear! Very nice!

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  22. I had to do a double take. The reflection looks like the real thing. UNUSUAL INDEED! Great shot.


    • Thanks, Francine. If I had cropped this a bit differently, I probably could have rotated the photo and it would still look about the same. It does take a second look to figure out what is solid and what is the reflection.

  23. Such a startling and clear reflection! Love the tones!

    • Thanks, Patti. I love the different tones of concrete. The light was just right (not long after sunrise) for capturing this image in this location. Was serendipitous as I probably have not been on this portion of this greenway trail for about five years and just had this wild idea to walk there and shoot.

  24. Had to look a couple of times to figure it out – nice!

  25. Very creative use of perspective and reflective surfaces. Well done !

  26. Wonderful capture there… Love unusual images

  27. Unusual eye play under the bridge . . . charming!

  28. Moderately Escher-esque. Nice picture.

  29. Wow, what an awesome capture. I really like this photo.

  30. Lovely reflection!

  31. Great reflections and the composition and close crop work really well.