Early Spring Garden Tour – Closeup Edition

Yellow & White Jonquil

Orange and White

Petal and Bug

Stinky Bug, Smelly Flower

The Center is Orange


Purple-y Blur

The last scilla bloom, just before fading away

6 responses to “Early Spring Garden Tour – Closeup Edition

  1. Wonderful! The early warmth will probably have my bulbs poking up soon. I noticed yesterday my forsythia is already budding. A month early!

    • Forsythia everywhere around Indy started blooming yesterday — along with pussy willows, red buds, and dogwoods. Very early for everything. I think even my viburnum is about ready to bloom.

  2. Beautiful flowers. It is nothing like spring on PEI.

    • This is so unusual for where I live. It was 81 here the other day, a record high — a temp that we usually don’t see until late May. It’s rare that the honeysuckle and daffodils bloom at the same time. My viburnum bush has buds that are starting to open — 2 months early. It’s very lovely, but I don’t expect to ever see a Spring like this here again.

  3. Lovely photos! Happy spring!