500 Hundred Miles

I walked today in a different direction than I usually do. While this is more like 5 miles away from home, rather than 500 — and only about 500 feet from a busy intersection — located away from the road, next to the creek, and along the greenway, this seems like it is in a different world.

Railroad Trestle Across the Creek

Love the angles

Another view

Looks like a stairway to me

Angles and Rust

Under the Trestle

The Other Side of the Tracks

This seems like an appropriate soundtrack:

15 responses to “500 Hundred Miles

  1. Aren’t the out of the way but in the middle of a busy city just magical? We have a bird santuary on the fringe of downtown Minneapolis and when you walk ten steps into it you’d think you were someplace far, far away.

  2. Great photos Anne! I kinda like the graffiti…not sure why?

    • I do too, even though I generally disapprove of vandalism. And I can’t really make out what this says. I liked the moss-covered stone wall too.

  3. Wonderful post and song!

  4. Great pics, too bad about the graffiti though. Just like the other day I was walking in my neck of the woods, beside a creek there’s a bridge, and on the cement wall fresh new graffiti, first time there I think. I was so disheartened to see it. Like tarnishing nature, vandalism, I feel.

    And the song, oh that was one of my faves in my much earlier days, one by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Good that you thought about it!

    • I agree about the vandalism, yet I’m oddly attracted to it. This graffiti bears the date ‘1998’. I wonder if it has really been there that long. It seemed much fresher than that. I wonder though: what’s the point of putting artistic expression somewhere few will see it. This isn’t visible from anywhere but right under the trestle, and that is only accessible by crawling through dense brush. In a few weeks (a bit early this year) the honeysuckle will be so thick you won’t be able to get back there. Had the creek been at its usual levels for this time of year, this would also be inaccessible as when this creek flows, it is rapid and deep. A few drownings each year by people ignorant or willfully ignoring the swift currents.

    • Re: the song. I’ve always liked this song. I had never heard Rosann Cash sing it before until I went looking for it on YouTube yesterday.

  5. mobius faith

    Great song. Cool rusty images.

  6. So there are lots of pictures of railway tracks. But that’s a particularly nice one. I think it’s the fact that the railway curves and disappears round a bend – there’s a lot more implied movement to that as opposed to a bunch of rails just statically vanishing into the distance.

    • Hadn’t thought of it before, but the only times that I’ve taken pics of railroad tracks (which have been few for exactly the reason you cite) have been when the tracks go around a curve. I almost didn’t post this one because the sky is so washed out.

  7. Beautiful!