Known and Unknown … Early Spring Signs

The Unknowns:

Sometimes I see things in the woods that I have no idea what they are. Sometimes I wonder how I even notice them. Like this little flower, on a green plant growing close to the ground. This teeny clump of flowers was smaller than the nail on my little finger.

Teeny tiny flower

Much easier to notice, but still a mystery to me are these red plants growing in a marshy area. Do you know what these swamp creatures are?

Swamp Things, Dancing in the Sunlight

They don’t grow only in water, as pictured below. While this was wet and muddy, it was definitely on shore.

Growing on dry but muddy, marshy land

I first noticed these unusual red growths back in December. The first time I saw one, it seemed to jump out, shouting Notice me!  Since them, I’ve noticed many of them. These seem to be an abnormality on these canes, but there are many of them. They seem to be located along a particular 1/2 mile section of the creek. While I find these thorny plants elsewhere, I don’t find the bumpy red growth on them. Could it be that the soil is different in this part? It is more of a marsh-like area, but it isn’t nearer to the water than elsewhere, though the bank is lower and more likely to flood.

Red Growth on Vine with Frost

Another view: different plant, same type of growth.

Another one, on a warmer day

The Known, but easily unnoticed:

The first yellow burst open yesterday. The other daffodils followed today.

First of the Season

Unless you look closely, you won’t notice that the trees are starting to bud. Most still don’t look green, but I’ve seen a few bushes and trees with red or yellow branches that are starting to show color.

Budding Tree, Blue Sky

The viburnum bush outside my study window has leaves that often turn an orange-red color in the fall. This year it seems that it never lost its green color. It’s early, but the buds are starting to emerge. In about a month, when I open my window, the scent will be lovely at first, then overpowering like some granny’s flowery perfume.

Viburnum beginning

8 responses to “Known and Unknown … Early Spring Signs

  1. It is hard for me to take photos to flowers…. is all brick and cement and concrete and asfalt… Would cars then, grow from steel branches? lucky you! 🙂

    • The first three photos were taken within 100 yards (91 meters) of a major interstate. The creek where I usually shoot is a “linear park” that extends for about 6 miles, then connects with another trail that goes in a different direction. I could walk on this paved trail to the center of my city. Some parts of it, like where I usually walk, are park-like, and have lots of trees, water (river, creeks, or ponds), and flowers. Other parts, like the railroad photos I shot a few days ago are very urban. Very fortunate to have access to such, especially in a city that has little public transportation or bike-friendly lanes.

  2. mobius faith

    Yep the signs are popping up everywhere now.

  3. An early spring for you indeed! Wonderful photos!

  4. Great. I’m ready. Love the early blooms.


    • I love watching the trees slowly leaf out. It is amazing how you don’t notice the seemingly incremental changes but over the course of a month, everything turns green.