Sunday Quote (2012 Week 10)

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” –– Joseph Campbell.

Brown Anole displaying throat fan

Beginning this month, PBS is airing the 1988 Bill Moyers’ 6-part series with Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth. Check your local listings for times this fabulous series will be shown in your area  and click on this link to hear Moyers & Campbell discuss mythological types in Star Wars.


6 responses to “Sunday Quote (2012 Week 10)

  1. Wayside Artist

    What a great show. That quote is something I think about almost daily in an attempt to stay on my right path. I’ve never seen this type of anole or a display like that in the “wild.” Great photo.

    • You won’t find them north of the Georgia, and I think only in southern Georgia, along the coast. They like it hot & humid. I’ve seen them numerous times, but never displaying their dewlap. I think he was one scared little critter and was trying to get me to leave!

  2. I love that quote!

  3. mobius faith

    Oh that WAS a great series. I’m soo glad they’re re-airing it. Thanks for the info. Cool photo. Wonder what kind of lizard that is.

    • It’s a brown anole, native to Cuba & Bahamas, now invasive in Florida, north to Georgia, & along the Gulf coast to Texas. You see them everywhere in SW Florida, where they’ve been pushing out the native Carolina (aka green) anole.