Always something of interest

Just when I think that I may be tiring of taking photographs along the trail I walk regularly, I find more things that interest me:

A twisted vine with wonderful shapes and textures

A snail that was a beautiful blue hue inside

The calm green water, the brown bank with concrete and pipe remains, and a culvert I hadn’t noticed before

What must be one of the very first buds of Spring:

Sometimes, even though the natural state just out of the camera is interesting, I like to play around with the image, changing colors and focus until it is something that no longer looks like something natural.

It doesn’t diminish its natural beauty:

I’ve never seen anything that looks like this:

But, green moss growing on a piece of bark is pretty amazing just the way it is:

When I returned from my walk, I realized that the Hellebore is still in bloom:

Later, inside, I took a look at my out of control desk: books, bills, papers, a program from a chamber music concert, masking tape (really? what’s that doing there), phone, tile samples, notebooks, two scarfs….And that’s where my glasses case has been hiding! Perhaps I need to spend more time inside.


2 responses to “Always something of interest

  1. I must post a picture of my desk at work at some point. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have a writing desk at home.

    • I had co-workers take a picture of my workspace once. They threatened to enlarge it to full-size.

      When I cleaned out my office when I left my last job, there was a visible mark where the sun had bleached the desk, distinguished from where there had been a stack of papers & miscellany for five years.

      That mess to the right of the laptop? Where the tiles are? That’s the overload — perhaps avalanche is a better word choice — from my “inbox”. 🙂