Eat…Drink…Be Merry

This week’s Photo Friday Challenge is: EAT.

After trying several times in recent weeks to get decent pictures of food, I have come to understand why there are people called “food stylists”. Getting a picture of food is easy. Making it look appetizing is a completely different thing.

Fresh from the Farmers' Market


The veggies photo was taken in ’09; the drinks photo a few weeks ago. My dinner this evening? Photos will not be published, but it tasted better than it looked.

Remember: Everything in moderation.

4 responses to “Eat…Drink…Be Merry

  1. Hi Anne, Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to an exchange of ideas and photos.


  2. I really like the libations image. The colors and the POV are cool. My only concern is that the POV seems to be from “underneath” – tell me you weren’t already “on the floor” when you took this. (I’m kidding of course – just trying to make a joke.) šŸ˜‰

    • Ha! The Manhattan in the foreground was not for me. The other was mine — OJ & seltzer w/ maraschino cherries. Had I had even one drink, I would have had to have put the camera on Full Auto. Reminds me of these two quotes, both about martinis, but certainly could be applied to any booze mixed with booze drink, like Manhattans:

      The wonderful James Thurber:
      “One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.”

      The inimitable Dorothy Parker:
      I like to have a martini,
      Two at the very most.
      After three I’m under the table,
      After four I’m under my host.