More fun with macro lens & abstracts:



Abstract: Bumps II

Bumps III

Tsunami Like (Grey)

Tsunami Like (Blue)



6 responses to “Abstracts

  1. Wayside Artist

    I love these…the textures and colors. The tsunami ones resemble lace, but within are cool designs. Great photos.

    • Thanks, Wayside! I am still smiling at how these turned out. To think that I’ve been looking at that paint pan for weeks, thinking so many times how I need to put it away in the garage or basement, without seeing the potential there.

  2. I especially like the last image, Sally

    • Thanks, Sally. It is completely different than the other ones, but I still wanted to include it in this group. Like the dried paint, it was also sitting in the paint tray.

  3. I clicked on the like button so fast my computers mouse got scared.
    Great great abstracts. I love, love, LOVE this!!!

    • Thanks, Mobius! They were, in part, inspired by your concrete photos. I still have to post my concrete bridge pics. If I hadn’t done those, I might not have started to look around at other things, seeing them in a different way.