The Path Always Changes

This morning, on HavePenWillScribble’s blog, I came across this quote from a Navajo wisdom poem on how to subdue one’s enemies and preserve one’s life. From the translation by Washington Matthews, which can be found here on p 131 of the digitized version of Matthews’ 1897 book:

The trail is beautiful. Be Still.

It reminded me of this photograph that I snapped a few days ago. I used to walk and take little notice of the slight changes in the surroundings. Then, I started carrying my camera with me and began to see through the lens all of the possibilities for shots. Now, even when I have no intention to photograph — sometimes I don’t even have the camera — I try to take notice of the slight changes that occur from day to day on my way.

The path changes every day.

Be still. Be still. Take notice. The trail is beautiful.

Good words to remember.


10 responses to “The Path Always Changes

  1. settleandchase

    interesting thoughts, and very interesting book, will have to take some time to look through it – thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by SettleAndChase. I spent a lot of time paging through the book when I first came upon the quote. It’s very interesting, not only for its subject matter, but for that odd sense of dissonance you get when reading something written over 100 years ago.

  2. I’ll try and remember those words this weekend. And over the next couple of weeks which might be a bit roller-coastery.

  3. Wonderful image. Great quote.

  4. Good words indeed. Lovely photograph – I would love to see this place month by month to see how it changes during the year.

    • What a great idea! This is very close to my home, along a public greenway that I walk several times a week. I’ve posted several photos taken along the 5 mile stretch that I currently walk (odd things on bushes, trees, the path, ducks, the old abandoned car, the creek), but haven’t thought specifically until the last 2 weeks about the path itself.

  5. Yes most definitely words to remember!!!!