Photo Friday Challenge: TALL

We’re having a little party this week in my hometown. So, I thought that I’d meet this week’s Photo Friday Challenge with a TALL Window Cling. In fact, it isn’t just tall, it’s SUPER.

Lombardi Trophy Image on 33 story JW Marriott Hotel; Taken from 2 blocks away

I’m sure that this image will be shown on TV tomorrow. At night, it is illuminated and visible from the downtown area on the nearby I-70 interstate.

Other Super Bowl related stuff:
* If you’ve heard that its been great weather this week, it’s true. But I can’t remember a week in February when it’s been in the 60’s. This isn’t Indiana Winter weather.

* Sounds like Indy has been getting great reviews for being the host site this year. Fun to see my city, which is often met by disdainful sneers from those on the coasts, get some good press. Indianapolis is a nice place to live, with a lot to offer. It isn’t New York, or Boston, or Chicago or LA, but we aren’t hayseeds either.

* I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon but I taped his shows this week. He got everything right in his jokes about Indy. Fun to see people and businesses I know mentioned on the show. Jimmy seemed to be having a ball. Is he always this funny?

* And if you watched Jimmy yesterday: nothing suspicious about it: there really is a Korean Taco Food Truck in Indy. West Coast Tacos serves awesome food! And how can you not love their URL: ?

* I’m hoping for an exciting game down to the last second. I don’t care much about football, but I’d love to see a repeat of Super Bowl XLII. I always like to see the underdogs win. But, it is true: Colts fans love to cheer for anyone playing against the Pats. Almost as much as the Ravens like to cheer against the Colts.

Enjoy the game and festivities if that’s your thing.

4 responses to “Photo Friday Challenge: TALL

  1. We have six of those tall trophy’s here in Pittsburgh. Looking forward to the game even though we are not in it this year. GO GIANTS!
    View my post on Steelers here:


    • Indy has one, but as someone who isn’t much of a football fan, I admired this one more for the fact that it’s a 30+ story window cling and can be seen all over town. I also love that the new JW Marriott building has made such an impressive addition to the city’s skyline. It is a beautiful building — even with out it’s added Super decoration.

      Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

  2. I know what you mean about winter – winter in Ohio this year is not what we’re used to either. I actually put my heavy winter coat away the other day because with a sweatshirt and a windbreaker I’m fine. It’s soo strange. My ice scrapers are still in the trunk of my car. Oh well.

    • The only time this year I’ve used an ice scraper was when I was driving to Florida at the beginning of January! In Nashville, TN. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I missed all of the snow when I was gone, but that would is unlikely. I was at the mall the other day and saw something in the parking lot and thought “What’s that?”. And then I realized it was the remnants of a massive pile of snow, now nearly gone, blackened by car exhaust. I had forgotten that there had been a snowstorm or two in January.