Writing Contest: Abandoned

What's my story?

The talented and imaginative Gabriel (aka Dad Who Writes) gave me an idea when he commented on my Abandoned post.

Here are the rules:

1. Go read this post and Gabriel’s comment.

2. Create & submit one piece of original*, imaginative, writing (whatever you construe that to be**) based on these photos: Lost Car 1, Lost Car 2, Lost Car 3, Lost Car 4 or Lost Car 5

3. Maximum 1000 words in length. (Because, you know, “A picture is worth….“)
Note: No skill is needed for this, other than the ability to count to 1000. Or allow software to count for you. Or just estimate.

4. Post on your blog and include a link to this post no later than 11:59 pm (EST) Friday, Feb 17. That gives you about 346 hours (plus/minus a few extra minutes depending on when you read this) to get this done.

5. Add your link to the the link list below. Same deadline applies (11:59pm EST 17-Feb-12; or 4:59 GMT 18Feb-12 if that makes it easier for you!) ***

Be sure to link directly to the post, not your main blog page. This will make it easier for others to read your work.

6. Have fun!****

* Original means it’s your work! If you plagiarize, you’ll be banned.

** This can be poetry, fiction, drama, memoir (if you are the “owner” of said vehicle, or just want to pretend that you are).

*** This is my first time using one of this kind of link tool. If you are a wordpress.com user and have a better suggestion for next time I do this, please let me know. I picked this because it looked the simplest to use and it was the right price (free!) for my freshman effort at something like this.

**** If it isn’t fun, why are you doing this?

Judging: (because it is, after all, a contest)
1. All judging will be done by me. I reserve the right to get input from others in the case of a tie. These other(s) will be those who have not submitted a piece to be judged. They will also be those who I can impel to assist me, such as husband, son, or best friend. None of them blog.

2. All judging is final. At least it will be final once I publish the name of the winner. No telling how many times I may change my mind before the final decision. And by “no telling” I mean that I will NOT reveal how indecisive I may or may not be. See #1 with regards to any “tie”.

3. I will announce the winner around Feb. 24. If there will be a delay in announcing, I’ll post revised date. (See #1 w/r/t ties.)

Prizes: (Keep in mind that I’m an unemployed and struggling writer…)
1. The honor of winning the first ever Four Deer Oak writing contest.

2. A shout-out here about how great your story is and a link to your blog.

3. A print of one of the Lost Car photos (may substitute a print of any other photograph on this blog to which I own the copyright).

4. An awesome certificate indicating that you are the winner!

5. One book of your choice valued at no more than $15.00. If you live outside of N. America, and shipping is an issue, we’ll work something out.)

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  1. Ha! I’ll have to think about this – I have got a notion about your dashboard-or-whatever-it-is but it’s in the context of a whole new novel…