Sunday Quote (2012 Week 5)

“Love is enough on its own; it pleases by itself and on its own account. Love is its own merit and its own reward. Love needs no cause, no fruit besides itself; its enjoyment is its use. I love because I love; I love that I may love. Love is a great thing; as long as it returns to its Beginning, goes back to its Origin, turns again to its Source, it will always draw afresh from It and flow freely.” ~ Bernard of Clairvaux


8 responses to “Sunday Quote (2012 Week 5)

  1. I can see why you like this quotation. I wasn’t familiar with Bernard of Clairvaux, so I did some Internet searching and found other similar quotations from him. But I also came across one that I don’t agree with; here’s an approximate English translation of the French version that I found (although i imagine the original was in Latin): “In the various levels of pride, claim curiosity as the first, because we find in it the beginning of all sin.” In contrast, I see curiosity as generally a good thing, although I’ll grant that on the negative side it may amount to meddling in other people’s business and lead to gossip-mongering. But where would our great discoveries be if people hadn’t gotten curious and followed up on their curiosity?

  2. Perfect quote! Thank you!