Photo Friday: Greenery

This week’s Photo Friday Challenge: Greenery.

At first it seemed like an odd choice for the end of January, when much of the Northern Hemisphere is anything but green. Yet, the time of year I most often associate with the word greenery is December, when pine greenery is ubiquitous in holiday decorations.

Greenery for January? Though I could have found something in my photos archives, I only had to look at some of the shots I took a few days ago at Lovers’ Key State Park in Bonita Springs, Florida.

This is named a Spanish Bayonet — for good reason! I stepped backward off the path to take a picture of something else and walked into one of the sharp, pointed barbs of this yucca plant. Ouch! This barb could be used as a fishing or hunting spear! I thought, as I snapped this picture, that it could be used to identify what sort of toxin killed me should the plant prove dangerous. Not that anyone would have thought to look at what was on the memory card if I was found on the Black Island Nature Trail! (I’m joking; I’m not that paranoid. Well, not quite!)

Not a plant to meet in a dark alley!

This is certainly green!

2 responses to “Photo Friday: Greenery

  1. Why is Florida so beautiful? I cannot wait to come back. It has been too long.

    • I wonder if I would find it so beautiful if I lived there all the time. I think so! Returned home today and am already missing the warmth of the sun, the peacefulness of the beach, the beauty of the mangrove keys.