Boat With Watercolor Sky

Have you ever seen a painting of a sunset and thought “That doesn’t look real!” If I saw this as a painting, I might be tempted to think so. But, it is the styling of this photo — the silhouetted boat with vague figures, the pastel colors that seem to melt in unreasonable patterns across the horizon, the sea that looks almost too calm — that makes this seem like a painting. And, that makes me love it!

After Sunset; Before Nightfall, With Watercolor Sherbet Sky

Would you be at all surprised if I told you that I’ve made special trips to Paris’ Musée Marmottan Monet to see Impression: Sunrise? No? I didn’t think so.

My husband asked me this evening, when shooting pictures of the sunset if one wouldn’t eventually get tired of taking such pictures. But each is different, I said. Instead, I should have asked him if he would ever get tired of looking at the sunset. While it is true that I tend not to always notice the sun setting at home, but make a special effort to be near shore while at the beach, I don’t think that I ever tire of sunsets. Sunrises are pretty nice too, but I like them best in winter when viewed out my window when still under warm blankets!

12 responses to “Boat With Watercolor Sky

  1. Stunning photo, and no, I’m not at all surprised that you like to revisit it. I love sunsets, too, and sunrises best in winter — then again, it’s easier for someone like me who doesn’t like to get up before 6:30 to catch them in the winter!

    • Thanks, Emily. One of the benefits of where I live is that we really should be in the Central Time Zone. The sun would never rise at 6:30 here in the winter. I took pictures of the sunrising this morning well after 8:15!

  2. How could you ever get tired of this!

  3. I am with you on that Anne, taking pictures of the sky will never get old.

  4. Loved catching up – your photos are amazing. Sunsets and sunrises are wondrous and I never tire of seeing them in full force. Loved the post on your fear of heights – what a surprise to see you paragliding after the intro. re your fear. 🙂 Yay for you!

  5. Pretty much it looked just like this SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). The sky was amazing that night.

  6. Neither will I get tired of watching sunsets. Not too often that I can see one against the sea too. This is just beautiful. Is that exactly the same color you saw with your eyes? Often I find photos that come out of the camera when uploaded onto my computer, their colors look different from how I remembered them… esp. for sunset or dusk pictures.

  7. Really nice! Great capture.