The End of Day

I’ve been experimenting with shooting in low light. I took both of these last night.

This was one of the last ones that I took, about 30 minutes after sunset:

After Sunset: Sanibel Bridge

I like the clouds and the color and that it looks a bit like a painting.

As I returned to the parking lot, I turned and realized that there was a great photo opportunity waiting:

After Sunset: Palms

I especially like the deep blue of the sky. Here is a good site for information on shooting during the blue hour, the time after the sun has set. The Blue Hour Site is also on FaceBook.

Lots more photos from last evening and this evening, but haven’t had the time to edit them. Am finding that I like shooting in the quickly changing light, but have lots to learn. That’s what makes photography so challenging — and fun!


6 responses to “The End of Day

  1. That bottom one looks like a gorgeous, well-planned and inspired painting (but, of course, Mother Nature would paint such things). What fun to have captured such a perfect study in color.

  2. What lovely pictures Anne. I adore photos of sunset – they leave so much to the imagination.

  3. How beautiful. Love that sunset.