Gray Day

Sunny Day

The Royal Terns have been on the beach for the last few days. Yesterday, they seemed to be soaking up the sun.

Windy, Rainy Day

Today, the terns were joined by the Black Skimmers. I’ve only seen them here when it is stormy.

Take Off

The skimmers seem to tolerate a lot of nearby commotion, but in an instance will take flight in unison.

In Flight

The terns seemed to stay in place. The skimmers would only move a few feet down the beach. They’d take flight again a few minutes later, relocating a few feet further away or returning to their original starting point.

Against the Wind

It was very grey, with little visibility today. Between the grey sky, the dark water, the white and black birds, and the grey-white sand, getting the exposure right on these shots was difficult. But, it was peaceful on the beach, with only a few others on the shore. The wind was howling: either the birds didn’t hear me, or it just took much effort for them to bother to move as I walked nearby.

Herring Gull: One Leg Landing

I wonder if there will be a variety of shells and other debris in the wrack tomorrow morning at low tide. The birds should seem happier then.


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  1. i love the first picture 🙂