First entry of the year for PhotoFriday. This week’s challenge: Day’s End

The Lengthening of the Day

Nature is painting for us…day after day … pictures of infinite beauty ~ John Ruskin

Taken around 4:30 pm, from the car, traveling south on I-75 in SW Georgia.

Also considered, because more reflective of the end of this day:

Hotel Interchange

Traveler's Rest


2 responses to “Nocturne

  1. Thanks, Arti. I didn’t like the last one in color, but in B&W it looks much different. The second one doesn’t show it well, but there were at least 8 hotels that I could see from my hotel window. I don’t think that there was much else to the town besides the hotel & gas station collection at the 2 major highway interchanges.

  2. These photos are wonderful… especially the last one, from which angle and lighting makes it very ‘soulful’.