Noticing unusual, beautiful things

About a year ago, after random sightings of  unusual things on my way to work — a flock of turkeys in a suburban front yard, for instance — I began to think that there should be some blog/twitter feed/tumblr-like thing similar to “The S*** So & So Says”, except for spottings of wonderous things.   I know how to be snarky — I used to take pride in being able to have the most succinct cutting retort — but at this point in my life, I prefer to NOT be that way; it takes too much energy.  Instead, why not focus on those odd things that are probably right in front of your eyes all the time, but only on occasion truly seen for the amazing creations that they are.  Besides, experiencing something of beauty is so much more fun that dishing out snark.

That was before I started blogging again.  I had thought about calling it “By The Side of the Road”.   But, I never did anything about that.   What I did do, though, was to try to be more aware of things that I passed everyday — while still keeping my eyes on traffic if driving! And, the rewards have been great, even if only measured by number of smiles.

The more I photograph, the more I think I’m becoming attuned to finding the unusual. Maybe it has nothing to do with the camera but has every thing to do with being open to finding something that will amaze and delight you. Today, when I was on a walk — without my camera — I came across the most remarkable thing: I’m not sure what it is — a seed pod of some sort?   I’ve walked this part of the greenway for 4 out of the last 5 days, but never noticed this.   This morning, the deep maroon color jumped out at me from about 10 feet away, contrasting with the light wheat-colored grasses, the dark brown trunks of the ash trees, and the beige, green and white bark of the birches.  I immediately left the trail to investigate.

Beauty by the Side of the Road

This shot was taken with my just-a-step-beyond-rotary-dial camera phone. It isn’t obvious from this photo, but this purple pod was in the middle of a thorny stem. It is as is a stem grew upward, developed a seed pod, then continued growing out the other side and down towards the ground. I will have to walk back this with with a camera in the future.

What have you seen today that amazed, delighted, caused wonderment, made you smile?

4 responses to “Noticing unusual, beautiful things

  1. I love that you are attracting the coo and unusual. Keep it up.

  2. What a lovely post, and a great reminder about what is important in our day to day lives above and beyond the hustle of work and home. I love that you have been taking the time to do this and I am encouraged to do so as well. Thanks!