There may not be a white Christmas here, but you can still look at “Snow”

Earlier this week, I found an amazing blog, Gwarlingo. As Michele Aldredge, the website’s creator, explains, “Gwarlingo” is Welsh for the rushing sound a grandfather clock makes before it chimes–-the movement before the moment. Gwarlingo’s purpose is to highlight inventive work in writing, performance, visual arts, film, and music, as well as to provide a place for creative people to connect, explore and share resources.

What a great idea! I love a clock’s gwarlingo sound: I never knew that there was a name for that moment of movement before the moment the clock sounds. Since I’ve tried earnestly in the last several months to be in the moment — including those moments before what one may be anticipating — I especially like that I have found Gwarlingo. It seems fitting.

Today, Michele shared this video, a sand animation by Corrie Francis Parks. Though there may not be a moon shining on new-fallen snow where you are tonight, take a few minutes before you settled down for a long winter’s nap to watch this and enjoy the moment, and all the moments of your day!

Snow from corrie francis parks on Vimeo.

Happy Holidays! Happy Saturday! Happy Day!


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