One Interesting Thing Found this week

There are always lots of interesting things that I come across each day. Here is one of them, an installation titled Eternity, a collaboration between artists Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming.

Eternity (full 12 hours) from Alicia Eggert on Vimeo.

The video runs through 12 hours of “clock time” in less than a minute, which is good, I think, because I don’t have the time to watch the dial move in real time! But, we could all slow down for awhile.

2 responses to “One Interesting Thing Found this week

  1. What an apt installation. I remember seeing a film wherein a man with plastered goo covering his face except his nostrils to make a mold, and we sit there waiting for the plaster to dry … well, maybe a couple of minutes or so, but you can imagine in the theatre, the camera doesn’t move and stays on this plastered head for two minutes. (the film is “Somewhere”) Anyway, I get what you mean and now’s the time to take a respite, and to ponder on the Season. Have a Merry Christmas Anne, and may your holidays bring you peace and joy, and a good time with family and friends!

    • I don’t think that I could watch the goo plastered face for more than about 10 seconds.

      Happy Holidays, Arti. Glad to have had the opportunity to know you just a bit through your blog this year.