Afternoon of the Fawn

These two seem to have taken up residence in the woods. We’ve seen them from the house, crouching down to hide when a car goes up or down the driveway, but they seem secure enough there that they do not run. The larger doe let me get pretty close to her today. I was surprised that she didn’t run. Then I noticed that she was looking for the smaller deer. I didn’t realize until they both took off in the opposite direction that the second one was closer to me than the other. I know that one shouldn’t anthropomorphize animals, but it sure looks like a bit of affection that the smaller one gave to the other, a nuzzle as she approached.

Now that night has fallen, I wonder if they are still in the same place behind the house, watching me through the windows as I watched them this afternoon.

4 responses to “Afternoon of the Fawn

  1. Wayside Artist

    Such lovely photographs of “your deer.” I spend a lot of time observing deer, often seeing displays of affection between siblings as well as fawns and adults. While we can’t measure the depth, deer do seem to share emotional bonds and a sense of family.

    • I’m not surprised, Wayside. It was clear that the larger deer was anxious to leave, but didn’t know where the little one was. And she certainly wasn’t going to leave without. Probably the only reason that I was able to get so close. I had a long lens on my camera, but I was still much closer than I thought a deer would let me be.