Photo Friday: Meditative

Some places call out to sit down and loose yourself. In the woods there are plenty places to do so.

I find the most meditative places to be outdoors, preferably in the woods. If there is water nearby, and wildflowers, I find it even more relaxing and a better place for seeking a contemplative state of mind. Looking at nature with my camera also moves my spirit to a more meditative space.

Looking the other direction, a labyrinth in the field. A different means to contemplation.

Creek: Up close. You can't stand in the same river twice.

Same creekbed, standing in a different place, in a different season.

All photos shot at Waycross Episcopal Camp and Conference Center, Morgantown, Indiana. First 3 photos were shot in September, 2011. Winter creek, shot in February, 2010.

This post is my participation in this week’s Photo Friday, assignment: Meditation. Check out other entries here.


6 responses to “Photo Friday: Meditative

  1. I too feel strangely at home next to the water, particularly the sea. I love to still along a country path, taking in the fresh air. It seems to have restorative powers. Beautiful pictures Anne.

  2. Beautiful picture of snow. I think one of the best things about snow is it is temporary, so teaches us not to cling to things.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Jeannie. I love the sound of water in a stream, gently moving onward. Very peaceful.

  4. I love being in the nature, especially around water….it soothes my seoul. Lovely photos!