A few pictures of park benches – and advice from Thoreau

Yesterday, we had the last of the fallen leaves removed and the gutters cleaned. Tonight, it is warmer than normal and pouring rain. Most other years, this would be snow — and lots of it. With the solstice just a few days away, I’m beginning to miss fall and all of the colors that I find so fascinating to shoot. So, as one of my last tributes to Fall 2011, here are a few pictures of places to sit and observe nature, some taken in Spring, some in Fall.


7 responses to “A few pictures of park benches – and advice from Thoreau

  1. We’re still getting fall leaf color here in central Texas (though what we get never compares to the forests up north). One example:


    As for Thoreau’s statement, I’ve found it to be true for me, and I often sit down in nature with my camera to see what I can see. I’ve had it happen that I’m looking through my viewfinder while photographing a wildflower and suddenly I’m startled by the movement of a butterfly landing right on that flower.

    • Oh, and since your blog is called Four Deer Oak, you may be interested in the picture I posted today:


    • So true, Steve. I think I see the world in completely different ways when looking through my viewfinder. When something, like a butterfly, then transforms that view, it’s even more amazing.

  2. Wonderful photos, nice ‘fall sendoff’, albeit I’m not ready at all for winter. The HDT quote on the bench is most apt. Nice to sit down there and just quietly wait, but only weather permitting. 😉