Social Media Irony?

Some days it’s little things like this that just crack me up. I love the juxtaposition of the article with the “connect to FB” link in the sidebar.

What's wrong with this pic?

To read the article on Facebook resisters, go here. If you want to connect via Facebook, you probably don’t need me to tell you how.

I’m not one of the resisters, but I don’t really care about the minute by minute updates that some people post. Those people get relegated pretty quickly to a list that I rarely read. The same with people that I used to know, but have little contact or commonality with in my current life. But, I do find that I like FB for two things: 1) keeping in contact with relatives and friends who live far away, and 2) notifications from organizations and business that I interact with. I don’t check business posts every day and have most removed from my feed, but I do find it helpful to have access to. For instance, some of my favorite restaurants post regularly. If I’m planning to dine out, I can easily find what specials are happening in one place.

As for people’s concerns about privacy, I don’t really understand why people don’t take better precautions about what they present to the world. It isn’t impossible to lock down your profile. It isn’t a good idea to broadcast to the world that you are away from home. I totally don’t understand the “check-in” routines; why do I care if you are at Menards unless I want you to pick up some 2 x 4’s, a gallon of paint, some toilet paper, water softener salt and a 5 quarts of synthetic oil for my car? If you are sad every other day — and aren’t seeing a shrink and don’t want my opinion that perhaps you should consider it — why do you want me to know your symptoms of clinical depression? Isn’t that something that you should share with a few people closer to you than me and the other 650 friends you have? And if it isn’t depression, do I really need to know that you are that whiney and focused on trivialities?

As for the person in the article who refuses to start an account but has her friends check out perspective dates, that is just a bit weird. Not because you want to check people out, but because you want to keep yourself removed from the act of doing so. Something’s rotten in that; a little introspection may be required. If I were a friend asked to do that, I would be tempted to state that in my next status post.


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