Looking Upward

I found this on my phone today, a snapshot I had forgotten I had taken in early October. My very old phone’s built-in camera is mostly worthless. To ratchet up the degree of difficulty, the touchscreen is not calibrated correctly, making most of the hand gestures difficult to use. How I took such an interesting photo, then, is something I cannot explain. Had I had a camera with me — or even just a better camera on the phone, one that didn’t blur so easily — I think this would have been a really cool photograph.

Taken at The Museum of Modern Art, looking up, at Carlito Carvalhosa exhibit Sum of Days.


2 responses to “Looking Upward

  1. It’s an interesting composition indeed, the photo is like a piece of modern art itself. And the MoMA, it’s one of the places “before I die, I want to visit”, no, make that ‘must’.

    • I agree, Arti! When I noticed the interesting design, I thought that several people walking through the exhibit were missing out by not looking up. So I did an experiment: If I was already standing there when they entered this maze, and I was looking up, they would look up. As more people came into the space, more people looked up. But, if nobody was looking upward, new people entering usually didn’t either.

      As for going to MoMA, if you ever have the chance, take it. I am fortunate to be able to go to NYC often (it is my favorite city!), but I’m always a bit saddened, feel like I’ve missed out if I don’t get to step into MoMA at least for a few minutes while I’m in town. My husband and I, if we are not there together, will send photos from our phones to each other, usually of the Balzac statue in the sculpture garden, although I can’t remember how we started on that practice. If I have to make a choice, I’d choose MoMA over any of the other great museums in NYC — and there are lots of them, all worthy of a visit!