Really cool!

I turned on the television to catch the weather on the local news and caught the last minutes of Brian William’s new news magazine show. The last story was about a public art project, created by artist Candy Chang, originally started in New Orleans after Katrina, and now spreading to many other cities, including Brooklyn.

The idea? A huge wall where people can complete the phrase “Before I die, I want to…”. While there are actual walls in some cities — and a toolkit so that people can do this in their own communities — there is also a virtual wall.

My addition to the virtual wall on 12/5/11

The first two items on this list are mine.

You can add yours here. For more about the project, and to see walls around the world, visit Candy Chang’s website. Be sure to click on “Projects” to see her other work. I especially like the “Career Path” in Finland. A similar convention to “Before I Die”, the project asks people to complete the sentence: “When I was little I wanted to be ____. Today I want to be ____.”

What do you want to do before you die? Leave your comments here, and add them to the virtual wall, too.


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