I’m Dali! Dali is a genius!

Came upon these links on a friend’s Facebook page today. This 1958 interview of Salvador Dali by Mike Wallace is divided into two videos.

Don’t skip past the commercials. Not only is it a bit shocking to see someone smoking on camera, but the advertisements throughout for Parliament is so foreign to what we see on television today. I was also stunned by the adverts’ mention of the “independent testing” company. Well, we know how independent those were now, don’t we?

After the interview, listen to the promo that Wallace does for a new series on culture and politics. Doesn’t sound like things are that different today from 53 years ago. I am going to try to find those interviews!

But, back to Dali. Wallace calls him a ‘self-described genius’. Throughout the interview Dali, he refers to himself in the third person. When asked who are the most important artist of the 20th century, he names himself and Picasso. While I agree with him, it is still a bit preposterous to claim yourself as the best. To say that Dali had a giant ego is an understatement. But, as bizarre as many of his claims are, some actually make sense.

Dali’s work will always fascinate me. It will also frustrate me and challenge me as I try — and come up short — to interpret and understand his work.

If you are ever in St. Petersburg, Florida, take 90 minutes to visit the Dali Museum. It is a lot of fun, especially if you wear a fake mustache.


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