Remnants from a scene in the woods

I heard some loud screeches yesterday morning. Anyone could deduce that the bird was distressed. I heard others nearby chattering too. But I didn’t hear the battle, nor the end.

A few hours later I left the house to run some errands. As I drove down the driveway, I noticed that there were several feathers. The first set looked like enlarged wet snowflakes, the kind that falls around her just as the temperature is approaching freezing, but the snow wasn’t to come until today. As I turned the corner I saw other feathers, in three spots along the drive. I hoped that the feathers would still be there when I returned in an hour.

They were. Surprising to me was that they still seemed so fresh, and that the color was so vivid. The paint store might call this color cardinal but the detail on the feathers gives it away that this was a mourning dove.

I saw a red fox in the driveway the other day. I think Mr. Fox might have enjoyed his lunch. He is probably quite smug, too, that he caught a bird that is capable of flying 45mph.


One response to “Remnants from a scene in the woods

  1. Yikes! I know this is the nature’s way…but I mourn for the dove. I hope it was quick and painless!