“A Magical Garden in the Sky”

Those who know me well know that my favorite city is New York. It is truly a city like no other. I love the vitality of the city, but every urban space needs an oasis. The other night, a segment on the Charlie Rose Show was a feature on The High Line, NYC’s new oasis in the sky that combines a gathering place and nature in a urban environment, making use of an old industrial rail line.

Watch this: Charlie Rose – High Line Nov 2011

I had the opportunity in August to spend some time near sunset walking the 1.5 mile High Line. I was enchanted by the park. It will be a place that I will return to often when in NYC. Maybe in the Spring, with my camera, in daylight.

Billboard and City Vista from the High Line

Recently, I came across this list of the top 100 public spaces in the US. The High Line is #12 on this list. I’ve been to 15 of the places on this list. I thought at first that perhaps that was because I am drawn to gathering places, as I didn’t search out any of these because they were a public space. But, I think that is what a great public space is: a space where people naturally gather because it is inviting, open, accessible, and, to some degree, exists not because of itself, but because of its purpose, its functionality.

2 responses to ““A Magical Garden in the Sky”

  1. One of these days soon, I must get to The High Line (reason number 1 billion to “heart” NY). Seems like it would be magical in the snow (but getting there in the snow might prove to be a bit tricky).

    • Oh, I think it would be magical in the snow — early on a Sunday morning as the city is just going to sleep or waking up (or both!). When I was there in October, I walked on the High Line for about 4 or 5 blocks, and then walked back 2 blocks to my destination. It was so worth it.