You never know what you might find






Roy G Biv



Leaf Rainbow

Leaf Rainbow: Deconstructed

Leaf Rainbow Reconstructed

11 responses to “You never know what you might find

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  2. Those photos are gorgeous!

  3. Love this series. Leaf Rainbow, LR deconstructed and LR reconstructed especially!

  4. This leaf photography is absolutely stunning! Thoroughly love how you deconstructed the leaf rainbow and showcased the stems. Was it difficult finding all the right colours? I think the first shot of the red is my favourite

    • I was amazed how quickly I found all of the colors. What I didn’t realize, even after I had been shooting for awhile, that there was such a variety in the stems as well. It was only when I started to shred the leaves that I saw that they were beautiful too!

      • I’m mildly obsessive compulsive when it comes to taking photos of leaves (and trees and shrubs), and you captured them beautifully here. You’ve inspired me to pay closer attention to the colour of the stems now. Thanks for the post, it’s delightful! And thanks for visiting my blog!

        • I think my husband is about to balk at the idea of leaves still remaining in my “studio” — aka the family room — but they’re so beautiful I really don’t want to remove the little piles that I have to the great outdoors, though I suppose that will happen on Monday.

  5. Anne Camille this shooting is great ! Lovely the leaf rainbow !