Been thinking about writing an essay on things that disappear. I’m not so much thinking about the big things — jobs, viewpoints, loved ones, cultures — but the little things. The things that we put somewhere and then forget about. Or those things that we use all the time that get misplaced, something that we put in a particular place all the time but, for some reason, we must have placed somewhere else, somewhere we cannot remember. Where do they go? And why does it bother us so much when the thing we misplace, of little value in its own right, seem so important when we can’t find it.

Does this happen to you? Does it bother you when it does? Is it the inconvenience of it? Is it the fact that you can’t access the information in your brain to recall where it is? Or is it that, after you’ve looked high and low, you cannot for the life of you figure out where the item is — the inexplicable disappearance that seems to defy what we know about how things exist in this world.

What was the last thing that you lost? Did you find it? Can you explain where it was? Does the lack of an explanation bother you in any way?

4 responses to “Misplaced

  1. The little things I’ve lost are the things I had a a child which keep cropping up in my memory. Most recently the appallingly (to my late forties self) racist g******* musician statuettes I collected when I was 5 or 6 by saving up tokens from a particular make of jam. Perhaps some small things are best left lost…

    • Most things that I lost years ago, I no longer remember. So why, I wonder, do I get so upset when I loose something now? I can’t think of anything I have right now, other than a piece of jewelry from my Grandmother, that I had as a child that I still have now.

  2. I like this idea of yours. I don’t remember the last thing I lost, but I know it usually seems to be just when I’m in a hurry to get it. And that’s a frustration, and I think just the frustration of not remembering where i put the object.

    • Me too! And I think that the more hurried you are, the more frustrated you are, the less likely you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. What, though, about those things that get lost and are never found again?