The small unnoticed things

Been thinking a lot about the value of not grumbling about things that we must do. Attitude makes a difference.

Not grumbling about it, didn’t mean that I didn’t put it off. But, when I finally dragged myself outdoors with the leaf blower today to tackle the last of the beautiful autumn leaves, I was determined to do two things: 1) complete the entire task and 2) take notice.

Take notice I did and in doing so found a simple peace in what had been a daunting task. It was fun, a bit of harmonizing with nature, to take notice of the various leaves. They weren’t all “just brown”, but various shades of brown. I checked an online thesaurus that listed 27 different words for various shades of brown: amber, auburn, bay, beige, bister, brick, bronze, buff, burnt sienna, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, copper, drab, dust, ecru, fawn, ginger, hazel, henna, khaki, mahogany, nut, ochre, puce, russet, rust, sepia, snuff-colored, sorrel, tan, tawny, terra-cotta, toast, umber. I think each of those shades could have been found in the leaves on the driveway. Noticing the colors meant I didn’t notice how many times I walked up and down the hill, nor how my back ached, or worrying (aka “grumbling”) about how my arms would later hurt from trying to blow the large wet fallen leaves into one pile at the bottom of the steep drive.

Afterwards, I went back into the house to get my camera to capture some of the little, usually unnoticed things, in a large pile of brown leaves.

4 responses to “The small unnoticed things

  1. inspirational post, not only are the photos amazing but the spectrum of browns you display, you’re attention to detail, it’s lovely. Thanks for the post!

  2. Beautiful photos. My favourite is of the two auburn leaves still on the branch. Thank you so much for sharing these. DL

    • Thanks for stopping by Donna-Lee. I almost missed that one with the red leaves. I was walking back towards the house and almost couldn’t get the shot since I had my macro lens and was a bit far from the leaves.